Highland Stag

Material: Bronze

Dimensions: 15" × 4" x 11"

Price: £2100

Limited Edition of 8

The Highland Stag is a subspecies of Red Deer native to Great Britain. This deer is slightly smaller than other Western European red deer. In summer, the coat is lighter in colour with a distinct border to the lighter patch on the rump. The rest of the colour is dark reddish brown with a greyer face and neck. The legs are blackish brown. In winter the animal grows long hair on the neck. The brow and the bez tines of the antler are usually close together and at a distance above the burr.

This deer thrives in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland and in parts of England such as Westmorland, Devon, Somerset, Wiltshire and the New Forest. It is also found in County Kerry and Donegal in Ireland. However, most of the red deer kept in parks in the British Isles are derived from the larger subspecies brought from the European mainland, the Western European Red Deer.

Although mostly found in the north of Scotland, there are reports of deer being spotted in the Borders.

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