Bronze wildlife sculptor Sally Amoore grew up in Africa where she developed a deep passion for the natural world. She began her artistic career using pastels before switching to clay and bronze, which leant more depth to her artwork and allowed her to express the essence of her subjects with greater verisimilitude. Where possible, Sally attempts to sculpt from life. She frequently returns to the Africa to observe animals in their natural habitat and has undertaken expeditions in Central Asia and the Himalayas.

In 2009, her younger son – a soldier in the British army – was severely wounded after he stepped on a homemade bomb in the Afghan province of Helmand. Her bronze military sculptures are a consequence of this.

Sally lives on a small farm in south Wales, close to the foundry that casts her wildlife sculptures in bronze. She is the resident artist at The Waterfront Gallery.

Current exhibitions

The Waterfront Gallery in Milford Haven